Overcoming Writer’s Block

Don’t you just hate writer’ s block? I don’t know about you , but it strikes at the most inopportune times. Most days, my mind is overwhelmed with ideas: ideas for my MC, ideas about how to make my story flow better, ideas about how to start my next scene. But then, when I sit down, my mind goes blank.

Some say it’s a disease that only creative minds succumb to. Others say it’s a curse. And then, there are those who shall not be named, who insist it doesn’t exist at all. Which camp do you fall into? I am a little bit of them all.

But, before you get angry with me, please allow me to explain.

As much as I hate sitting in front of a blank screen, I’ve found that it can also be quite liberating. When I find myself in this situation, I flip through all of my notebooks and review all of the ideas I’ve been jotting down, praying for inspiration. But, what I’ve found,  more often than not, is that those ideas just don’t feel right. Which leads me to believe that deep down, I think writer’s block is the minds way of searching for something new … something fresh, if you will.

Or, if you are like me, what you really have is a case of cold feet.

Most of the time, writer’s block strikes when I find myself wrestling with a difficult scene. Whether it be to find the right words, or to find the smoothest way to work a scene, it never fails that I find myself hesitant and slow footed. And, although I will admit that sometimes I cave and give myself a break, I’ve found that the only way to conquer it, is to work through it. Difficult scene or not, I jump in, fingers itching to type, and put one finger in front of the other. Sometimes, all it takes is a few words for me to get started, and then, without fail, I’m off into my own little magical world.

Given that it is still November and many of my friends are doing NaNoWriMo, I would love to hear your thoughts. So, please share, what do you do when Writer’s Block finds you?


2 thoughts on “Overcoming Writer’s Block

  1. Great post, Sara! I can relate to you 100% about writer’s block. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year, and now that I’m 50,000 and going, the book isn’t even finished. But of all times, and like normal for me, writer’s block is hitting. I need to write three more chapters, but can’t nothing comes to mind…and I’m stressing. I’m sure something will come, but until it does, I’ll be stressing. 🙂

    • Hang in there! I think sometimes it’s important to give your mind a break, but I also think that sometimes it’s important to just keep writing! 🙂 And way to kick butt on already reaching 50K!

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