The Paradise – Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

2In collaboration with a few of my favorite blogger gal pals, we are watching and recapping the fabulous new show, The Paradise, now on PBS for all of you lovely readers. Now, I am assuming that you are all caught up with the show and are ready to dish. Am I right? If so, fabulous & I can’t wait to get started. If not, then you can watch the latest episode on

OK, so let’s get started!

There were really two big main plot lines this week on The Paradise that I feel are worth mentioning.

First off, we have dear sweet Katherine trying to woo back Moray. This one in particular had my screaming at my television because to be honest, I am not her biggest fan and to make things worse, Katherine decided she wanted to play hard to get. In true first grade fashion, Katherine ignores Moray and decides to put her money where her mouth is by spending her dollars everywhere else besides at The Paradise. Oh, the horror! Luckily for her, her evil plan worked and she definitely got his attention, although as we all suspect, Moray has the hots for another lady! So scandalous!

The other second plot line this episode is Moray’s plan to expand and the hiccups he encounters. His plan to expand the business into the next door barber shop backfires when Mr. Burrough insists on being made partner in The Paradise. Moray tries to move past it but realizes that Mr. Burrough means business when he refuses to sell his property on any other terms but the one stated. Jonas advises him to put a clause in the contract and together, they bring him in, and it’s no surprise when he starts to act a fool. My favorite line of the night, “You’re a barber, in a suit, that doesn’t fit,” comes from Miss Pauline after he fails miserable at wooing her numerous times. Things start to get really interesting when he mentions to Jonas that he may know a little something about the former Mrs. Moray’s death. Oh, how I love a good blackmail! And then there is a sudden disappearance. I am so curious to see how this pans out!

Other than those two main story lines, there are really only a few odds and ends that are worth mentioning. Clara is on a warpath and is convinced that her dear old Mr. Moray is in love with Denise … which fingers crossed, is where I think the show is headed. There is one particular scene toward the end of the episode that definitely left me wondering and eagerly awaiting some close interaction between the two. And speaking of Denise, much to my surprise, she finally has an idea that backfires. Maybe she doesn’t have the Midas touch like once believed?

So, that about wraps it up. What are your thoughts for next week?

Here are my thoughts:

– The love triangle will gather some depth and Mr. Moray will have some very hard decisions to make ahead.

– We find out what happened to Mr. Burrough. And was Jonas involved like it’s implied?

– I’m sure this will take a while, but I am so eager to find out the real story behind the former Mrs. Moray’s death.

And those are my thoughts. I hope you have enjoyed my recap and my thoughts on the episode, and until next time, that’s all folks!

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10 thoughts on “The Paradise – Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

  1. “In true first grade fashion” – hee! That made me guffaw, Sara. I share your loathing for bratty Katherine. It infuriates me every time Moray gets lured back to her. What is her appeal, other than her daddy’s money? SIGH I was so angry at Katherine for the way she treated Denise’s uncle last night. She’s such a selfish witch! Poor Mr. Lovett!

    Whatever happened to slimy Mr. Burrough was well-deserved after what he did to Pauline and Arthur!

    A great recap, Sara! I can’t wait to see next week’s ep. Things are heating up at The Paradise! 🙂

  2. Gosh, I feel like I’m cheating. I couldn’t watch last night and here I am on your blog taking a peek at what happened. Looks like the episode was juicy, juicy, juicy! Great coverage – I’m really looking forward to watching and getting caught up!!!

  3. Hi Sara. Loved your comments and thoughts.

    I also think there is a story behind how Moray’s wife died and how the blackmailing Burrows is dealt with by Jonas. Seems like Jonas is the man to get things done. We know that Jonas knows the details of Moray’s wife’s death and Clara is willing to steal Jonas’ book of dirty little secrets, in order to know the details, too. So, Clara and Jonas have blackmailing potential. Clara is also looking for information, in the book, to smear Denise’s reputation. The book may also reveal the father of Clara’s child? I wonder if Jonas’ book reveals the mystery of Arthur’s parents. I am guessing an Oliver “Twist” here. Is Arthur wealthy but he doesn’t know it? Had Lord Glenndenning, or some other rich man, been sowing his seeds in somebody else’s garden? (Makes me think of Peter Adler tasting that small, blue flower in the field. What was the name of that flower?) Wouldn’t it be fun if Arthur, not Katherine, is heir to Lord Glenndenning’s estate?

    Katherine is a shrew. But, Dudley, Moray’s assistant, is a fool for going to Katherine and telling her, falsely, that Moray was pining for her. Dudley added fuel to Katherine’s infatuation, and she quickly dumped Peter. Katherine and Dudley both have their heads up their arses.

    • I love this, Jane! Such great input and insight and I think we see eye to eye on Katherine. She is a shrew and the actress plays the character perfectly! Thanks for stopping by and offering your thoughts. Where do you think the show is headed? Any predictions?

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  5. Hi Sara. Thanks for welcoming me.

    Predictions? Well, it wouldn’t be fair for me to make any predictions since, after I wrote my comment to you, I found a website, on-line, that provides recaps of The Paradise, Series #2. England is about to watch Episode 4 of Series #2. So, I’m waiting to find out what happens in Episode 4. I know I’m a cheat. But, curiosity got the better of me. I am not naming the website, here. I can only offer my hope of how The Paradise will end, the final episode, to end all episodes. I hope shrew Katherine redeems herself, exposes her vulnerability and reunites with Peter Adler. I hope Arthur finally finds out who his mom was/is and/or who his dad was/is. I hope Clara is finally reunited with her daughter. Happiness all around. These are the characters I care most about, the ones who I want to see reconciled with people from the past. I care less about the other characters. Denise, Miss Audrey, Moray, Dudley, Edmund, Jonas, Pauline, Sam, and Lord Glenndenning all have their conflicts. But, they seem to me to be less vulnerable.

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