Life at 17 Months!

**In addition to regular posts about writing and all things book related, I will also be posting about things relevant to me and my life, one of which is being a mommy. You can find these postings included in the “Life, etc.” portion on the top toolbar.**

Dear Ethan,

Another month has come and gone, but this month you really seem to have grown so much. You are no longer a baby, but a little person who is full of energy, spunk and love.

3Your language abilities have increased by leaps and bounds and you constantly amaze me with your observations. You try to assert yourself everyday and communicate your wants and needs  by telling us over and over again what you want, even though sometimes we can’t quite figure out exactly what you you are trying to say.

1You are full of mischievous grins, robust giggles, and make-you-melt smiles. You are very generous with your hugs and kisses. Last week when we were on vacation, you hugged goats and pigs and even tried sharing a few kisses too. And although I’m sure the goats would have loved it, we had to hold you back from showering them with love.

5You have also figured out that you can stall bedtime by a few minutes if you snuggle with mom. And to be honest, mom doesn’t mind. She loves your hugs and kisses and  will delay bedtime any night for a few more seconds with you.

2You love playing outside, helping mom in her garden, and helping dad do “manly” things out in the garage. You also love going to the park. You have become obsessed with the slide as of late and it is so fun watching you grow. Sometimes I look at you and think about how big you are, but then I see bigger kids run down the street and realize that you are still so small, although I know you are growing every, single second.

6You also love playing inside. You are quite the book worm like your mom and are most content flipping the pages of Goodnight, Moon and The Hungry Caterpillar. You also love playing with your trucks. Your dad often gets carried away when shopping for toys and gets toys for big boys, but you absolutely love them!

4These days you really surprise mom with what you eat. Two nights ago you devoured a bowl of stewed Turnip Greens and even wanted “mooore.” But, there are days when you surprise me with the things that you don’t eat. Everyday is new territory, but overall, I know that we are lucky because you do eat so well. You are also quite fond of cookies, or “cook-cooks” as you affectionately call them. Every time your dad or I open the pantry, you think you are entitled to a cookie. Although it is ridiculously cute, we have to fight the urge on an almost daily basis.

7A beautiful 17 months has come and gone, and even though you act like such a tough guy, you are still so kind and sweet. Every night, whether you know it or not, I sneak into your room before I go to sleep. I gently stroke your face, listen to your peaceful breath, and cover you up with a blankie so you don’t get cold. You are so beautiful and sometimes, I find it hard not to cry when I think about how lucky I am to be your mom.

So, thank you, sweet boy, for a wonderful 17 months.




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