5 things I love about October

hello October1. Cooler weather. There is something so special when the temperatures begin to drop in Texas. After a few months of hell–aka, Summer in central Texas–Autumn is always welcome. I love being able to wear layers and pull on a nice cozy sweater and a pair of boots.

2. The sky. I love when the first cool fronts move in and leave a gray, haunting overcast behind. Yes, it can be gloomy to some, but to me, it is cozy and makes me want to run home and get underneath a warm blanket.

3. Pumpkin everything. There is nothing better than spotting the first pumpkins at the grocery store. I love decorating my house with all things Autumn inspired and more than that, I also love to eat anything and everything pumpkin. Definitely one of my favorite things about the season.

4. Food. With the temperatures dropping, October officially begins “soup season” in our household. I crave warm meals that remind me of being home–the heartier the better.

5. Snuggling. There is something so special about cozying up underneath a blanket with your loved ones. I think it really rounds out the whole season.

Overall, there are so many things that I love about October, but these five definitely top my list.

Hope you’re having a happy October!



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