A wonderful new review!

Love_in_Translation_CoverThank you so much, Michelle! This review is wonderful and I am so thankful to you for hosting me! 🙂

You have to love a book that opens with your heroine “stalking” an ex-boyfriend, tailing him like a pro in her car, and ducking down to avoid being scene.  And ignoring your best friend wanting to know what in the blue blazes you are doing, of course.  That is how we meet Emily, broken-hearted after boyfriend, David, dumps her for another woman. Emily is a fun lead character to get to know.  She is charming, witty, a little naive at times, but always trying to do the right thing for everyone in her life.  I love the friendship that is displayed between her and her two best girlfriends, Deana and Sophie. And while she is blind to the obvious interest that her best male friend, Steven, has in her, there is a great vibe between them.  Add in the spicy hot new neighbor, Andres, and Emily has a busy schedule on her hands.  I love that you were never certain who Emily would pick…I definitely had my favorite and who I was rooting for (and yay, she picked him) but it was obvious that both men would do right by her.

This is the debut novel of Sara Palacios and you would never guess it.  She writes like she has been doing this professionally for years.  She knows what type of story to weave to get the reader completely invested and to hold them there until the book ends and you give a satisfied sigh of contentment. I read this book in one sitting, knowing that I would be dragging at work the next day but not caring. If you want a book full of humor, friendship, and romance, then I highly recommend taking this one for a spin.

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