Love_in_Translation_CoverTo be honest, when I saw this review on, I teared up a little bit from happiness. These words make me so happy and I am so excited to share them with you:

Comfort food for thought February 22, 2013

Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Love in Translation is all about relationships and the many facets of love that define them. The joys and sorrows of fraternal, familial, love at first sight, and the rarest of them all, love between soulmates–all those can be found here. The story itself is a slice out of daily life, with situations and characters that feel genuine. The dialog and the behaviors, the details of the main character’s thoughts, and the humor–I laughed out loud during the lingerie shopping scene–draw the reader in from the start. The pace is fast enough to keep you wanting to see what happens next, but slow enough to enjoy the scenery. An unwinding at the end of the day book, that’s what this is, so sit back and enjoy.
Love In Translation For Blog
Thank you so much David for this amazing review. I am so glad that you enjoyed the book.
And if you too have read my book, I would love to hear from you and may even share your review here on my website.

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